GE ConstantColor® PulseArc® CMH® Ceramic Metal Halide MR16 Spot. CMH20/MR16/UVC/830/GX10/SP
ConstantColor™ CMH MR16 Reflector Ceramic Metal Halide Lamps 20W and 35W Product information ConstantColor™ CMH lamps combine HPS technology (providing stability, efficiency & uniformity) and Metal Halide Technology (providing bright white quality light) to produce highly efficient light sources with good colour rendering and consistent colour performance through life. This is achieved by using the ceramic arc tube material from the LucaloxTM lamp, which minimises the chemical changes inside the lamp through life. GE has now miniaturized this technology resulting in the CMH PreciseTM MR16, highly efficient 20&35 Watt lamps with the light quality and colour stability associated with Ceramic Metal Halide, in a size comparable to tungsten halogen reflector lamps, thus offering new energy saving options to the lighting designer and end user.
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Product Type Ceramic Metal Halide
Specifications CMH20/MR16/UVC/830/GX10/SP Specification Sheet

ConstantColor CMH Lamps - 20 Watt

Introducing Constant Color CMH Ultra
Ansi Code C156
Bulb Type GE ConstantColor® PulseArc® CMH® Ceramic Metal Halide MR16
Wattage 20
Case Quantity 12
Order Code CMH20MR16/830/FL
Rated Life 12,000 Hours
Beam Spread 25
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 81
UPC 043168404006
Base Type GX10
Bulb Shape MR16
Color Temperature 3000K
Manufacturer General Electric
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